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About LMS CO., LTD.

LMS supplies a wide range of products for life science, biotech and medical market along with application and technical services. LMS sources products from both domestic and foreign countries and supplies products to swiftly meet customer's daily need. The three major policies of our company are "Reliance", "Reliability" and "Steady".

Foundation of Company : December 1985

The president, Mr Koichiro Asahina, established a company (CSI Japan) as a subsidiary company in Tokyo, Japan, by accepting the request from the President of Criticare Systems Inc. in USA. In 1990, the function as a subsidiary company was turned back to the Criticare Systems USA and the company's name was changed to current name LMS CO., LTD. (Laboratory & Medical Supplies) to expand the product lines to the customers. This business operation is continuing to the present time.


3-6-7, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
(Head Office)


■ Koichiro Asahina, President

■ Takahiro Ishitobi, Director, Sales Dept.

■ Nobuaki Ishii, Director ,International Dept.

Corporate auditor

■ Michihiro Takekawa


298 million in Japanese Yen (September 2017)


12 billion 3 million in Japanese Yen (September 2017)


185 (September 2017)


■ Import and Export, wholesale of products including consumables in Scientific Research field

■ Import and Wholesale of products including consumables in Medical field

■ Import and Wholesale of products for drug discovery and high throughput screening.

■ Import and Wholesale of animal experimental/research products

■ Import and Wholesale of reagents

Sister company

Asahina & CO., LTD. Central Warehouse
Stock space 2,000 square meters (70,600 square feet)

Technical center with professional staff

We ask customers and dealers to visit our demonstration laboratory in the head office and test products to let them know the performance of the products through their own eyes. We have engineers and application specialist to provide maintenance and validation service.